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7/18/18 9:48 AM.  Meyers Beach

7/17/18: Meyers beach was wavy in the AM but excellent for PM

7/16/18:  Chequamegon caves photos coming soin… 

7/15/18:  Excellent conditions at Meyers

7/14/18: BEST CONDITIONS OF THE YEAR!  Meyers Beach and Sand Island have excellent conditions today.


7/13/18:   Forecast is calling for some pretty tricky winds today but the morning is starting off calm at Meyers beach

7/12/18:  WINDY!

7/11/18:  Excellent conditions today at the Chequamegon sea caves

7/10/18:  Excellent conditions today at Meyers beach

7/9/18:  Heavy rains last night have the water brown today but it also means beautiful waterfalls streaming down from the sandstone cliffs.  Even the faces in the sandstone seem to be impressed by this waterfall.

Sand Island had excellent conditions today as well.

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