What do the prices include? All tour prices are per person (participant)

• Day tour prices are per person and are all inclusive – everything you need to enjoy your trip is covered. This includes a 15 minute instruction session prior to launch, your tour guide, tandem or triple kayaks, wet suits, dry bags and all other kayaking gear, and all taxes/fees.

• Overnight tour prices are NOT all inclusive. They include what is listed above but do NOT include the camping gear, permits, or food that you will need to be prepared for spending the night. You will need to arrange all of that yourself – and we are happy to help. See each tour description for more info.

• Rental prices are per kayak and include the paddle, life jacket, spray skirt, paddle float & pump. All other gear (including wet suits & extra paddles) can be rented at competitive rates. See our rental descriptions for a list of gear and rates. A $25 Sea Kayak Safety Training Course is added per person to each booking – see description for more details.

Do you offer private tours?

Yes! However, the minimum for all of our kayak tours is 4 people. If there are less than 4 of you, you’ll have to pay for 4 seats.

Do you offer multi-day and/or group rental discounts?

Yes! Please click on the rental type for those details.
Group discounts may be available for parties of 8 or more. Please call, text, or email to inquire.

What should I bring / wear?

• sunglasses (with neck straps are great)
• a dry change of clothes (leave in your car for after the tour)
• a pack lunch / snacks (or eat a meal before your tour), we do not provide food
• please check the weather on your departure day and come prepared to get wet and be comfortable. 
–This means swim trunks/bottoms & swim shirt/tops – you will be provided a wet suite.

What time should I arrive?

Please arrive at the meeting location 30 minutes prior to departure time.

Where do we meet you?

We launch from different locations, you’ll receive a meeting location with your reservation confirmation. Locations Include:
Meyers Beach in Cornucopia, WI
Little Sand Bay Visitor Center in Bayfield
Red Cliff Campground in Red Cliff, WI
Hagen Rd. in La Point, WI
Custom meeting locations can be arranged for rental deliveries and pickups

What about parking?

Our launch locations have parking lots with ample space. You may use those. A fee list is below but please double check to make sure rates are current for your launch day.
Meyers Beach Parking $4
Little Sand Bay Visitor Center $0 (free) (overnight parking available)
Red Cliff Campground $5
Legendary Waters Resort & Casino (overnight parking available) check for fees

What about my personal belongings?

We recommend leaving personal belongings in your car or with us – this includes wallets / purses and etc… (we provide a small 2 liter dry bag for limited items like phones / cameras / keys)

Can I bring a phone or camera?

Yes, but space is limited. We have a 2-liter dry bag for use.

What happens in the case of inclement weather conditions?

• Sea cave tours begin when water temperatures are at 50 degrees at the tour location. If you book a tour that has water temperatures lower than 50 degrees we will refer you to a boat tour.
• When you book a tour or rental and weather forces a cancellation, we do our best to accommodate you. We allow you to choose between a 100% refund, rescheduling for another day, or an alternate tour of the same value.
• You will receive a notification email from us a few hours prior to your departure time confirming or requesting alterations (in the case of weather). Should anything change between then and the tour time, we will contact you via phone call or text.

What about reschedules and/or cancellations?

• The trip minimum for all of our kayak tours is four people, most often the tour you sign up for will have 4 people booked by the time you launch. If you are signed up for a tour that only has two people and you do not want to pay for a private tour we will put you on a different tour that has enough people signed up.

• Watch out for an email reminder from us 5 days prior to your scheduled date. We will be in touch with you via text or phone call should we need to make alterations to your reservation for any reason.

• Should you need to make changes to or cancel your reservation, for best results, please email or call within 48 hours of your reservation date (refer to our Tour & Rental Policies below for details).

• To hold a reservation we require full payment. If you cancel less than 48 hours before your reservation you receive a 50% refund. No show results in no refund. If we make it to the sea caves the tour has been conducted, regardless of how far along the tour travels. If we do not launch the sea cave tour due to weather you do have the option of a 100% refund.

Are there any age / weight restrictions?

• Yes: anyone weighing <50lbs is not allowed & you must be <265 lbs, <6’6 with hip width <20″ to properly fit in our gear.
• Our age classes are as follows:
◦ Adult ages 18+
◦ Teenager ages 13 – 17
◦ Child ages 12 and under; paddles or rides at a discounted rate. You will choose from the child class weight options below at the time of booking…
– 100+lbs are eligible to be paddlers in a tandem kayak or riders in a triple kayak
– 50-99lbs are only allowed to ride along in a triple kayak (this means there must be at least two additional paddlers on the tour for them to be able to attend)
• Sand Island Day Tour: Adults Only
• All overnight tours: Teenagers and Adults Only
• All participants in a rental must weigh at least 100+ lbs

Do I need to take your $25 Sea Kayak Rental Safety Training Course?

No, if you’re going on one of our guided tours, are renting a sit-on-top kayak or paddle board, or are renting a sea kayak and also hiring one of our guides to go with you.
Yes, if you’re reserving Sea Kayaks with us through our rental program without also hiring one of our guides. The cost of $25 per person ($50 total for Tandem Sea Kayaks and $25 total for Single Sea Kayaks) is added to your total at booking.
NOTE: Everyone in the group must be able to pass our Sea Kayak Safety Test. To pass, you must demonstrate to us, in under 90 seconds each, a T-rescue, a Rodeo Re-Entry and Eskimo roll, prior to launch. (If you think you can pass without the taking the course, please request to demonstrate to us the skills above when you arrive, and before taking the course, and if you pass we will give you a refund of your $25). We reserve the right to deny/cancel your rental if you are unable to pass the Sea Kayak Rental Safety Test – even if you’ve taken the Sea Kayak Rental Safety Training Course.

How long does the Sea Kayak Rental Safety Training Course take? Where does it take place?

The duration is 1 hr and takes place at Thompson’s West End Park 1048 W Bigelow St, Washburn, WI 54891. Please take this time into consideration when planning your rental itinerary.

What is the difference between the Sea Kayak Rental Safety Training Course and the free instruction provided on a tour or for other types of rentals?

The Sea Kayak Rental Safety Training Course teaches emergency skills to get in and out of your sea kayak or to help another. The free instruction covers the basics you need to know to paddle, balance, turn and enjoy your reservation. Sit-on-top kayaks and paddle board rentals do not require the safety course because they do not have the same risks.

I have no experience can I rent from you?

We love new paddlers! If you would like to rent from us, but have no paddling experience, we highly recommend hiring a guide to go with you for an extra $200 per day per 6 people.

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