Red Cliffs and Purple Cave Kayak

From: $65.00

Skill Level: Intermediate/ Beginner
Time / Distance: 2hr / 3 miles round trip paddle
Age requirement:  Must be at least 8yr and at least 80 lbs
Kayaks: Tandem
Caves:  4 sea caves
Location:  Bayview, Wi

Red Cliffs sea cave tour is specifically designed to be easy for everyone, while paddlding in some very cool sea caves an in an area without crowds.  The sea caves are better than most mainland sea caves and nearly on par with Roman’s Point, these sea caves are home to the Chequamegon layer of sandstone with intricate sea caves and impressive iron banding.  This tour follows closely to shore in shallow water without any open water crossings.  This is an excellent opportunity to see the sea caves without having to paddle many miles to get to them.  This tour is more protected from wind and waves than Meyers Beach or Romans Point and this tour is paddled in calm conditions.  All these things help to make this an appropriate sea cave tour for people with children or anyone looking for an easy and relaxing paddle with some beautiful sea caves.

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