Red Cliffs and Purple Caves

From: $65.00

Skill Level: Beginner
Time / Distance: 2hr / 3 miles round trip paddle
Age requirement:  Must be at least 5
Kayaks: Tandem
Caves:  5 sea caves
Location:  Washburn, Wi

This is by far our best tour and most appropriate for all paddlers 5 and up.   Because has the most caves in a short distance that are easily accessible it is our best choice for everyone.  Featuring a tunnel you can navigate this tour adds a sense of adventure and is exciting for everyone. The brilliance of the colors on this sea caves kayak tour will take you through the rainbow.  With bands of mineral and ore striping through the landscape, and rock of many tremendous colors even, reflecting purple.  With multiple caves you can interact with and even swim in if the weather permits.  Skirt under the shelf in the skinny cave or gather in the purple cave to enjoy  the multitude sensory delights as you weave your kayak in and out of these magnificent caves.  These sea caves rate better than most mainland sea caves and just about on par with Roman’s Point, these sea caves are home to the Chequamegon layer of sandstone giving way to some interesting background colors.  This tour follows closely to shore in shallow water without any open water crossings.  If you have kids under 5 please see the Balancing rock tour.

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