Sea Cave Tours

Our Aposte Island Sea Cave Tours are available in several different locations and for many different skill levels.  The sea caves in the Apostle Islands can be found in many different locations.  The best sea caves are found in the Devil’s layer of sandstone but there are also sea caves in the Chequamegon layer and the Orienta Layer.  The reality is that a geologist would not consider these to be caves.  “Sea cave” is merely the term we use to describe the undercut erosion features technically known as erosion reentrants.  These re-entrants range from small portholes that you can barely squeeze into all the way up to sea caves that you can fit a sail boat into.  Many people rank the caves based on their size but there is more to them to just their size and some of the best sea caves are the ones you can barely fit into.  In general, the West side of the Apostle Islands have more sea caves to explore but they can also be found in Red Cliff, Madeline Island, Stockton Island and Outer Island which are all on the Eastern portion of the Apostle Islands.  Feel free to call or text us if you have any questions or would like us to suggest a sea cave location based on your personal preferences.