Kayak Rental

Our Apostle Islands kayak rentals are available to paddlers with previous experience.  Kayaking in the Apostle Islands requires a good physical fitness level and you must know how to swim.  Sea Kayak rentals require a safety course where we will go over how to properly paddle, rescue and pack your sea kayak for paddling in the Apostle Islands.  If you are wondering if you need a guide, you probably do, and we offer guides to our rentals so the option is always there.  Hiring a guide for your kayak rental is different than going on an overnight kayak tour because it is cheaper and we do not provide any camping gear or cooking, the guide is there only to help you safely make your crossings to the various destinations on your Apostle Islands kayaking itinerary.

Sit on top Kayaks and Paddle boards are available for rent as well but are not allowed; for island crossings, at Meyers Beach, or to go more than 1/4 from shore.

Sea kayak rentals in the Apostle Islands can be a once in a lifetime experience but you should take the time to plan an itinerary that we can review.  We encourage you to call us with any questions you may have, we are happy to help you plan an appropriate itinerary.  July and August are the best time to rent a sea kayak in the Apostle Islands because the water temperatures are around 60 degrees or higher and the South wind becomes more prevalent.  In June you are still dealing with very cold water temperatures and after Labor Day in September the winds start to pick up dramatically.