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For the year 2020 we are renting kayaks but not for any travel to the the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.  We will be renting kayaks on a walk-in basis or by reservation for the day of only.

The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is closed to overnight stays this year, so we are only renting kayaks for use along the mainland shoreline.  We encourage you to paddle at the Houghton Point sea caves or the red cliff caves, as those are the safest locations.

If you are planning to rent a kayak we only deliver to: Little Sand Bay ($50),  Red Cliff (FREE), Herbster ($50), and Washburn (FREE).  We charge for pick up as well and the prices are the same as delivery.

We rent sea kayaks and sit on top kayaks.  All the sea kayaks we rent are tandem sea kayaks with a max capacity of 550 lbs.  The sit on top kayaks that we rent can be used as a single, tandem or as a triple but the max weight capacity it 550 lbs.  If you plan on putting more than one person in the sit on top you need to add the weights together and make sure you are 550 lbs or less.

Tandem sea kayak rentals require a $25/ person safety course and cost $50 per day and include pfd, paddle and skirt.  Wetsuits are extra and they cost $10/ day.

Sit on top kayaks do not require a $25/ person safety course but they may only be used along the shoreline in Chequamegon Bay or in Red Cliff

Feel free to call us the day before to check on availability but for the year 2020 all kayak rentals must be made on the day of your rental.


715-408-2244 Text or Call