Easy | 5 caves
From: $65.00
Bunny Hill | 3 Caves
Advanced | 6 Caves, 2 Arch
Easy | 4 Caves, 1 Sea Stack
From: $72.00
Boat Tour
From: $100.00
From: $100.00
From: $400.00
Free Safety Course
Free Safety Course
50% Chance of cancelation
50% Chance of cancelation
From: $100.00
Easiest Rental

Waves at the Caves

To safely explore sea caves, it’s essential to seek out locations with waves measuring 1 foot or less. Fortunately, the sea caves on the East side of the Bayfield Peninsula, in Chequamegon Bay and Red Cliff, offer exceptional protection, typically those locations have calm waters with waves seldom exceeding one foot.

The West side of the Apostle Islands boast some of the largest sea caves in the region. Yet, these sites come with a heightened level of risk. Waves exceeding 1 foot are a common occurrence, making paddling here a potentially perilous endeavor. With cancellations happening approximately 50% of the time, it’s crucial to exercise caution when planning an excursion to areas in the Western portion of the Apostle Islands region i.e. (Roman’s Point, Meyers Beach, Sand Island, Devil’s Island.)

About Our Tours

We offer one challenging sea cave tour and that is Roman’s Point, Roman’s point has the largest sea caves of our sea cave tour offerings but also the roughest seas and longest distance.  The rest of our tours are designed to be very easy.

Our easy tours cater to families with kids and people who are looking for a relaxing paddle without crowds.  Apostle Islands kayak tours can be dangerous but our easy tours only paddle when conditions are not challenging. 

Our guided tours take place at secluded sea cave destinations, where we are likely to be the only group there. 

We allow you plenty of time inside each cave to sit and enjoy the ambiance and take as many photos as you like.  Our goal is to get you off the beaten path and away from the crowds.

Meyers Beach

We do not do tours to Meyers Beach because it is too crowded.  We Suggest taking rentals to Meyers Beach because then you won’t have to wait in line for the caves.  We have single and tandem kayaks for rent as well as kayak racks and trailers. 

We suggest a rental at Meyers Beach rather than a tour because there are already so many outfitters giving tours at one location.  If you are with an outfitter you will have to wait in line at the caves, if you have your own kayak you can meander through the caves at your own leisure and turn around whenever you want. 

If you are with an outfitter and they have to postpone due to weather they may not able to get you on the next tour.  If you have a rental, you can launch whenever you want without worrying if there are spots open at the time of day with the best conditions.  Below is a map and video of all the sea caves at Meyers Beach.

Apostle Islands Sea Caves Map

Sea Caves can be found at the following locations. 

A Word Of Caution

 It’s important to be aware of the varying conditions when boating or kayaking around the Apostle Islands.

The west side of the Bayfield peninsula has more dangerous waters, with a higher chance of canceling activities due to weather.

On the east side, places like Red Cliff and Washburn offer more protected and calm waters. The sea caves on the west side are more impressive but come with higher risks, while the east side provides safer options. When exploring the islands, remember that the western portion tends to be more hazardous than the eastern side.

Meyers Beach, Sand Islands, and Devils Island are particularly risky areas, while Chequamegon Bay and Basswood Island offer safer options for paddling.

Stay informed of the winds and weather and prioritize safety during your adventures in the Apostle Islands!

Easy | 4 Caves, 1 Sea Stack
From: $72.00
Easy | 5 caves
From: $65.00
Advanced | 6 Caves, 2 Arch

What if We Cancel?

We are a cautious outfitter and this means we do have to cancel sometimes, but if we ever cancel your tour you receive a 100% refund.

In the event of a weather cancellation we also give your group priority re-booking, meaning we will open up spots on whatever tour you want and for whatever date you choose.

Refund and Cancel Policies

  • If we cancel for any reason (i.e. weather) the customer always gets a 100% refund.

  • If the Customer cancels 24 hours or more before their booking, they receive a 90% refund.

  • If the customer cancels less than 24 hours before their booking, they receive an 50% refund.

  • If the customer cancels less than 1 hour before their booking, they receive a 25% refund.

  • If the customer misses their booking and does not call us before the launch time, they are considered a no-show and there is no refund for a no-show.

  • Instead of canceling the customer can always reschedule for free as long as they reschedule more than 1 hour before the tour they intially signed up for.

Best Chance Of Launching

Kayak tours to Meyers Beach and Sand Island get canceled due to weather about 50% of the time.

Our tours on the East side of the Bayfield Peninsula have about a 5% chance of cancellation due to weather.

You have a much better chance of launching the tour you signed up for when you book with us.

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