Houghton Point Sea Caves

From: $65.00

Skill Level: Easy
Time / Distance: 2hr / 4 miles round trip paddle
Tour requirements:  Must Be at Least 30 LB and not over 300 LB
Kayaks: Tandem
Caves:  5 sea caves
Location: 1015 Central Ave, Washburn, WI 54891

This tour is our most popular tour because it has caves that are the best option for paddling mainland sea caves in calm conditions and it does not get canceled as often as Meyers Beach or Roman’s Point.  This tour trades large sea caves for medium-sized caves but it paddles in the shallowest, warmest, and most protected waters in the entire Apostle Islands, Chequamegon Bay.  This is the tour you can bring the whole family on and they will all enjoy it and be able to do it with ease.

On the West side of the Bayfield Peninsula where the paddling is more challenging (Roman’s Point, Meyers Beach) there is a 50%-60% chance your tour will be canceled due to weather.  In 2023 there was a 70% cancelation rate at Meyers Beach.  

We encourage most of our customers to go on this tour because it is good for beginners but stil challenging enough for teenagers and with impressive sea caves that everyone enjoys.

If you want something more challenging than 4 miles you can try Roman’s Point.Come enjoy the safest, easiest and most relaxing sea cave tour in the Apostle Islands!  This tour paddles a shallow water section of mainland sea caves near Bono Creek in Chequamegon Bay. Beginner and youth paddlers love this tour. Beginners love it for the shallow water, and incredibly protected location.  Youth paddlers like the quick access to the sea caves. Everyone loves how remote and beautiful this location is.

The Houghton Point section of Chequamegon Bay is very protected from most wind directions so most days we paddle this tour on glass calm water. For this reason and many others, it is the perfect tour for kids! Young kids adore the more intricate sea caves along this route and the opportunity to swim among them.

Plus, given the shallow nature of this bay, it has the warmest water temps on Lake Superior. No need for a wetsuit!

This is a very peaceful undisturbed area.  There is the potential to find Lake Superior agates, see Eagles swooping down to the water and, in the fall, we sometimes spot otters playing in the caves.

Most sea cave tours in the area have about a 60% chance of weather cancellation, but due to the protected location of this tour, it only cancels about 10% of the time.  Allowing you to enjoy your vacation without needing to wonder if your tour will likely be canceled due to weather.

*Children under 100lbs must be accompanied by an adult in a tandem kayak*
**Must be less than 300 lbs and less than 6’6 with hip width less than 20″ to properly fit in the gear for this gathering**
***Please provide a reliable cell phone number and email address when booking. We may need to reach out to you via text the night before with potential weather related concerns.


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