Apostle Islands Camping

Camping in the Apostle Islands can be categorized in three general ways; inside the national lakeshore, at a campground, on the Red Cliff Ojibwe Reservation.
-Inside the Lakeshore:  Permits are required for camping inside the lakeshore and those permits can be acquired at www.recreation.gov
– At a campground:  There are many campgrounds in the area but in our opinion the best campgrounds are located on the water.  With that in mind the best campsites that have access to Lakes Superior are 1.  Little Sand Bay Campground   2.  Herbster Campground  3.  Point Detour 4.  Buffalo Bay   5.  Dalrymple Park
– On the Red Cliff Ojibwe Reservation:  Both Buffalo Bay and Point Detour are on the Ojibwe Reservation but there are also outfitters like Rustic Makwa Den that provide camping on the reservation as well.

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