Chequamegon Bay Caves and Sea Stack


Skill Level: Beginner/ Easiest Sea Cave Tour
Time / Distance: 2 Hr / 5 Caves; 3 miles round trip
Kayaks: Tandem and Triple
Meetup Location:  Washburn, Wi
Max:  12ppl (Private gatherings of any size can be arranged)

This is the safest and easiest sea cave location of any sea cave location in the Apostle Islands.  The sea caves on this gathering are protected from the weather that make other locations in the Apostle Islands dangerous. The Chequamegon Caves are very unique sandstone sea caves that were formed before Long Island created a wave barrier for Chequamegon Bay.  You will also see “The Stack”, a picturesque sea stack that is home to cliff swallow nests and a great place for photos. As this is a very peaceful undisturbed area there is the potential to see Eagles swooping down to the water and in the fall we sometimes spot otters playing in the caves.  You will not have to deal with crowds or other outfitters on this gathering, This is our little secret sea cave location and for now, outfitters and other paddlers have not found it.  Most sea cave tours in the Apostle Islands have about a 20% chance of weather cancellation, but due to the protected nature of this gathering it only cancels about 1% of the time.  

**Children Must be at least 100 lbs to paddle in a tandem kayak**
**Must be less than 300 lbs and less than 6’6 with hip width less than 20″ to properly fit in the gear for this gathering**