Shipwrecks and Sea Caves

From: $98.00

Skill Level: Intermediate
Time / Distance: 3-4 Hours, 6 miles
Launch Location: 37600 Onigamiing Dr.  Red Cliff, Wi.
Legendary Waters Campground  Site #40 1/2
Max Capacity: 12 ppl
Kayaks: Singles, Tandems and Triples
Caves:  3 sea caves, 1 arch

This tour has 3 sea caves, a sea arch, and 3 shipwrecks.  It is 4 hours long and approximately 6 miles with a stop in the middle on a beach with lunch.  Explore a land and people rich in culture and adventure as you are guided through the sea cave, shipwreck, and sea arch of the Red Cliff coastline. This tour features 3 sea caves, a towering sea arch 3 shipwrecks that are in shallow water and can be seen by kayak. The shipwrecks are excellent kayaking shipwrecks because they are in very clear, shallow water.  You can actually see and touch them from your kayak.  The sandstone sea caves and sea arch along the way are excellent and reside in a sheltered bay that is one of the most protected paddling destinations in the Apostle Islands.

  • You can use a single, tandem or triple on this tour, the singles are sit-on-top kayaks, the price does not change, it’s customers choice.